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Sony unveils Tablet S, Tablet P in India

Japanese manufacturer Sony has announced the launch of Tablet S (WiFi, 3G) and Tablet P (3G) models in India today. While Tablet S WiFi is already available in the market for some time, Sony Tablet S 3G and Tablet P will be available from mid-January 2012.

Sony India stressed that the unique form-factor and content offerings set apart its tablets from other Honeycomb devices in the Indian market. Company will be aggressively promoting these tablets in the next quarter and plans to spend around 10 crores on the marketing.

Both the Sony tablets come with Android 3.2.1, NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor on-board  and feature several India specific apps like BigFlix, Bollywood Hungama, Videochaska, Meragaana and Star Player. Company is trying to fill the gap created by the absence of its flagship Audio and Video Unlimited services in the Indian market with these applications. These tablets are also the first series of PlayStation Certified tablets on which original PlayStation games can be played, and company is providing Crash Bandicoot and Pinball Heroes preinstalled on both the devices.

Sony Tablet exemplifies our strategy of combining hardware, software and network services. It offers customer a device which meets their demand for seamless, on the go access to the internet, digital entertainment content, and social networking.

–          Masaru Tamagawa, Managing Director, Sony India

Sony Tablet Pricing:

  • Tablet S WiFi: INR 29,990 [9.4 inch display, 5MP rear camera, front camera, 16GB internal storage]
  • Tablet S 3G+ WiFi:  INR 33,990
  • Tablet P 3G+WiFi: INR 36,990 [Dual 5.5 inch displays, 4GB internal storage, 5MP rear camera, front camera]

Sony Tablet Accessories:

  • Tablet Cradle:  INR 1990
  • Covers: INR 3990
  • Leather Carrying Case: INR 6490
  • USB Adapter Cable: INR 1090
  • Shell: INR 1890
  • Bluetooth Keyboard: INR 4490

More on pre-loaded Apps:

  • Videochaska: It offers latest episodes of your favorite shows from Sony Entertainment Television and SAB TV.
  • Star Player: A premium online Video-on demand service. Star player offers Indian video entertainment on multi digital devices to users for a beyond TV experience anywhere and anytime.
  • Big Flix: It’s a premium Movie on Demand entertainment destination for full length Movies across different languages and genres. (Free 2 Months subscription with Sony Tablet)
  • Get latest Bollywood news, Films, Hindi songs and movies online.Enjoy movie reviews, Videos, Music, Celebrities, Events, Photos and much more within a single application.
  • The world’s largest library of Indian Karaoke Music. (Free 1 Month subscription)


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