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Samsung retracts, now reviewing possibility of Galaxy S ICS update

In the wake of growing consumer ire, Samsung has changed its position on Galaxy S Ice Cream Sandwich update. According to a report, Samsung is now looking in the possibilities of getting the update on Galaxy S due to popular demand. There was no word on Galaxy Tab ICS update in the report.

Korean manufacturer was quoted as saying it will try and make the update work, but did not reveal how. There was no other information shared, but we are hoping to see an official statement pretty soon.

Late last week, Samsung had officially announced on its blog that it will not be able to update Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab due to memory issues and the size of Android 4.0 firmware along with Touchwiz UI.

Via Verge

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  1. Cm9 is already out for it and will be fully functional in about a month or 2.. Most ppl who acknowledge the problem know the sol. and those who dont, probably dont care…so why does it matter anyways?

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