Kindle Fire, Nook Color get early ICS builds [CM9]

It is raining Ice Cream Sandwich ports these days, most of them based on CM9. Last year’s developer favorite Nook Color and this year’s Kindle Fire, both have received early ICS (Android 4.0.3) ports today. While they can now be downloaded and flashed onto either of the tablets, they are not ready for the primetime.

First, let’s talk about Nook Color CM9 build, a lot of hardware components are working right now, but there are still lots of hiccups.

Working: Bluetooth (pairing/file transfer only confirmed), Wi-FI, backlight, accelerometer, Google Apps, Setcpu/overclock, Battery levels/charging, physical menu button, touchscreen, 3D games, screenshots, and USB-mounting

Not-Working: Sound, video, full 2d acceleration and a lot much more.

This build can be downloaded from here along with installation instructions.

Now, coming to Kindle Fire, this Amazon tablet has received its first pseudo-public CM9 build today. It has a lot of work still left and has mainly been released to gather developer support and advanced user help to fix bugs.

Working: Touchscreen, Wi-Fi, Audio

Not-Working: Bluetooth, Landscape Launcher, SD card partition (there is a newer build, which supposedly fixes this issue, but under testing)

Status of other components is still unknown or they are not working.

You can grab the download from here (new build with SD card fix). Instructions: Backup, Do a FACTORY WIPE, Install (all in TWRP).

Here is a quick video from Liliputing:


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