Huawei releases official Android 4.0 Update for Honor

Huawei has done the unexpected and became the first Android manufacturer to release a public Ice Cream Sandwich update for a smartphone, although BETA. This Chinese manufacturer posted the official update download on its official site for Chinese Honor users recently. What is more interesting is that Honor will go on sale next week on China Unicom, which means update is out even before the launch.

148MB in size, this update is still in beta, but is said to be stable enough for daily usage. Huawei is increasingly sharing official beta updates to do the testing publicly and making them available faster for anxious smartphone users, few days ago it did the same with Ideos X5 smartphone.

In case things go wrong with Honor Ice Cream Sandwich update, company has also given a failsafe in the form of full Gingerbread ROM to rollback. To remind you, Honor is the company flagship and comes with 1.4GHz processor, 4 inch display and 8MP rear camera with front shooter and is going to be available this month in select markets. It has got more than favorable reviews.

We are downloading the update to look for interesting tidbits, but it seems Huawei servers are running ultra-slow, so will update once the download completes.

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