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CyanogenMod 7 now available for Kindle Fire

It is finally here, XDA forum member JackpotClavin has successfully ported CyanogenMod 7 to Kindle Fire. So, if you were looking to replace the modified Amazon’ version of Android present on Kindle Fire with CM7, the firmware is now available to download and flash on your tablet.

Although most of the hardware functions are working right now, Audio is still an issue. So, if you need audio as part of your daily usage, CM7 is not ready for your Kindle Fire. Due to the absence of physical keys from the tablet, installation is a bit tricky and JackpotClavin has given a modified version of CWM recovery to help you in flashing the firmware.

I would suggest the not so adventurous users to wait for a while until a more polished version is available.

 Check out more on installation and download at the original thread.

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