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Root LG Optimus One after Gingerbread update & remove crap apps

Even though you might have removed all the pre-installed unwanted apps from your Optimus One earlier, but they reappear after applying the official Gingerbread update. So, here is a guide to first root your LG Optimus One and then uninstall all the unwanted crap apps, which cannot be removed normally.

For this guide to work properly, you will have to do a hard reset on your phone, so it is very necessary that you make a backup of all the important things like SMS, Call Log, and Apps.

    • To make a backup of all the important apps, download Astro File Manager from Android Market and Go to tool ->Application Manager/Backup to make a backup of all the necessary apps.
    • Then use SMS Backup & Restore to make a backup of message in your SD card, similarly use Call Logs Backup & Restore for call log and APN Backup & Restore for APNs.
    • Now, Download this archive from here and extract it to your computer desktop, and also download LG driver pack from here.
    • As you have already made the backup, hard reset your phone by going to settings ->privacy->erase all data.
    • Now once you phone turns on, go to settings -> Applications and turn USB Debugging on.
    • Now before connecting your Optimus One to the computer, install the drivers from the file you just downloaded.
    • Now, connect your phone using USB cable to your computer. Go to the extracted folder on your comp desktop [ROOT]. Go to ADB folder and then right click on CMD7.exe and run as administrator. If you use Windows XP, do the same with file named CMDXP.exe.

  • Command prompt will appear. Now run the following commands.

adb devices

adb shell

  • (symbol will change to $ or #) and copy paste following command into your terminal

echo 1 > /data/local/lge_adb.conf

    • After running these commands, reboot your phone.
    • Then go to the extracted ROOT folder on your desktop again and run SuperOneClick.exe.
    • Select the Gingerbreak method and press root.

  • It will do a lot of stuff and your Optimus One will be rooted, it will ask you to test, do that and well the hardest part is over.
  • Reboot phone and you will see superuser installed on your device.

Steps to remove crap apps:

    • Download and Install Titanium Backup from Android Market
    • Grant it Super User permission
    • You should have a pop-up screen in front of you and one of the buttons on the bottom should say “problems”. Click that.
    • It will install the latest version of busybox
    • Now, Tapping the “Backup/Restore” button brings you to the application list – or rather the list of available “items”.

  • Tapping an application brings up a popup from which you can select actions to be taken with the selected item: You can e.g. run an application, back it up, and restore it (or its settings). You also may also decide to un-install the application – even if it is a system app! But with the latter, you should be very careful: Remove the wrong thing, and your phone may start malfunctioning.
  • Use the Uninstall for all the apps that you do not want on your phone.
  • You are good to go.
  • If you want to un-root your phone, connect your phone to your computer and run SuperOneClick again and select unroot this time.
  • Time to restore all the backup data and apps using Titanium Backup, SMS Backup, APN Backup and Call Log Backup.

With Inputs from XDA

0 thoughts on “Root LG Optimus One after Gingerbread update & remove crap apps

  1. the second last point is saying that we can unroot our phone

    does that mean if the phone is unrooted then the lg service centre wont be able to pin-point out that the phone has never been rooted, hence regaining our warranty back?

    please tell

  2. is anyone tried this? if yes den wats effect after root plz tell in detail…. i get 2.3.3 in my p500 but after that my mobile signal bar is going on and off its always says that regester network…. how can solve that prob. plz suggestion guysss…..

  3. does titanium back up pro also back up the wifi network settings?
    please somebody try it. i am dying to know whethe.any app thiss

  4. I have a rooted LG Optimus One (P500) made with Gingerbreak running LGs Android 2.2.2 (Froyo).
    Does it stay rooted if I update to LGs Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) or do I have to root it again?

      1. Thanks. The update worked well. Now I’m ready to try some Cyanogenmod based on v2.0 Baseband and 2.35 Kernel.

  5. dear, SuperOneClick.exe in not running on my win XP. says’ application failed to initialize properly. OK to terminate’. used admin rights. nothing happens expect this popup.

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