Leaked Micromax A85 is a re-branded K-Touch W700 – Exclusive

Micromax A85 looked a lot familiar when I first looked at the small image of the phone, which leaked today. So we looked deeper and here is what came out.

Micromax A85 is actually a rebranded K-Touch W700, a

The specifications are the same, which we reported earlier – Android 2.2, nVIDIA Tegra 2 processor, 3.8 inch display, 5MP rear camera, VGA front camera, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, FM tuner, and microSD card slot.

Coming to the pricing now, the original K-Touch W700 is sold for 3500 Yuan ($535 or INR 24K) in China, but we are expecting Micromax will try to price it more attractively; probably under INR 20K price point.  At least after its recent an ad stunt with A70, showing it as an affordable smartphone.

0 thoughts on “Leaked Micromax A85 is a re-branded K-Touch W700 – Exclusive

  1. What makes you think these are the same devices? The Micromax A85 has four soft menu keys below the display while the K700 has three. Even the casing is different. Just because the specs are same does not mean the two devices are same. By that logic, the Samsung Galaxy SII and the Optimus 2X should also be the same device.

  2. The two sets of pictures are contradictory. They look different in hardware and software terms. Micromax must have done its own design twist in both these aspects. There’s no point in mentioning the Chinese suppliers specifically to deprecate Indian Cell phone companies since all major manufacturers get their phones manufactured by third party manufacturers based in China.

    1. @Manoj Both images look a little different because of the design changes made by Micromax, which I have already mentioned in the post. I don’t intend deprecate Micromax by telling that this is a China made device, this is just a news item to let the readers know about the OEM of the phone.

      @Roger As I replied to Majoj, Micromax has made some design changes which include the four touch buttons. Casing is the same if you look closely & for your information Galaxy S 2 and Optimus 2X have almost every component different, so there is no logic in talking about that.

  3. specs are quite good but it will be a waste of money as there is no flash light with camera.when you are releasing a high end phone then you have to take care of everything.people expect a fully packed phone they will not like if some important features are not there.

  4. Micromax should have given andro os v2.3 (gingerbread).
    B’coz 2.2 is now old.
    Or atleast an upgradable option.
    What do u think about this.
    One more thing, flash should not be missing with camera. . . . . . . . .

  5. @Roger
    You think LG optimus 2X and Samsung galaxy S II are same devices??? LOL…… Okay tell me what makes you think that?

  6. hi
    to you all the viewers this is chris from micromax dev team..

    we feel proud to introduce the above phone and as sais it is a copy of chinese phones as a company design our phones ans mfg’s them we just asamble them in india… do not woryr the brand is good and u all will love it hope to hear from u all soon..


    chris ,j

    1. hi chris…i have been using this phone and i love it but the only downfall which i feel is that it’s not upgradable to’s beyond my understanding that why you don’t launch upgrades for the OS.please launch an official upgrade as it’s the demand of the customers.see it as a valuable feedback.

  7. All phones are from China, no matter Mircomax, spice or anyother local players. They’re pure trading companies and don’t add any value. Maybe they add much value to media 🙂

  8. I’m a K-Touch W700 user, i can tell these two are exactly the same. The 3-key version only existed before it was released. Now all W700 phones are 4-key. also another phone named Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X is the same.

    One thing you guys should know is, the official OS for W700 is now the so-called Yun OS. K-Touch stopped improving any software cuz all they need to do now is producing the phone only. Aliyun updates the Yun OS and sells the phone. However you still can use android, cuz some unofficial roms have been developed based on the old leaked 2.2 rom. also it is why 2.3 rom has been unavailable for so long. – Well there is a 2.3 rom but that sux a lot you wont like it.

    Anyway i do hope Micromax or Cherry Mobile can make an official 2.3 ROM thus i can put it into my W700 for good

  9. and btw, i bought my w700 for 1800 yuan in september (it could be as low as 1680, according to how many year has it been since you registered to be a user of alibaba’s website)

    i dont know how much it was in INR but that was much cheaper than any other tegra2 phone at that time.

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