Getjar Gold brings premium Android apps for free

Do you miss Amazon Appstore’s free premium app of the day promotion because it is not available in your country or your simple hate the Amazon appstore, well there is a nicer option to get hold of premium app for free now.

Popular third party App store Getjar has launched Getjar Gold today, which is essentially an application store of premium apps but for free. GetJar Gold currently gives you 50 Android apps for free, which would normally cost you some money on Android Market.

Some of these titles include Age of Zombies, Swiftkey, and TuneIn Radio Pro.  Gold only contain non ad-supported premium apps or games, but how are devs earning. Well Getjar is paying them on the basis of installs and getting the money by showing sponsored listings.

Tempting right… so open the on your Android phone now or download their app, which is more of a browser shortcut.


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