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Sony Ericsson Xperia Ray, Active hands on [Images]

Sony Ericsson today announced two new Android devices for the Indian Market. Both of these devices will be available shortly in the stores.

We spent some time with both Xperia Ray and Active at the launch event and here are our impressions.

If company prices Xperia Ray decently, it seems to be a clear winner. It is light, thin and runs on Android 2.3.4 out of the box. Company has put up its own UI on the top, which is nice, if not great. As it comes with a 1 GHz processor inside, performance is above average, you will not be disappointed. Overall, it seems Sony Ericsson is finally getting its act together in Android arena.

On the other hand, Xperia Active is clearly for all of you who want a sporty looking Android smartphone. It is rugged, waterproof and keeps dust out. Company has intelligently covered all ports and jacks, which might take the brunt of your rough lifestyle. Internally is pretty much same as Xperia Ray, so performance is at par. But all this ruggedness adds more weight to the device.

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