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Motorola Fire hands on [Images]

Motorola Fire recently landed in the Indian market. Although still waiting for an official stamp, Fire is a decent entry level Android smartphone, currently selling for INR 8,999 in the Indian market.

Yesterday at the Qualcomm India On, we spent some time with Motorola Fire unit and were impressed by the performance of the device. There is a little problem though, Fire has this sliver plastic ring on the all four sides, and it looks and feels really cheap. Apart from that design is decent for an entry level phone.

Touchscreen response is good, Motorola has put its own refined MotoBlur over Gingerbread and it performs very well. The full QWERTY is good, and as we could not use the camera – no comments on that.

Overall if you are looking for an affordable Android QWERTY – Fire is a nice choice.

Hands on images:

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