Samsung launches Galaxy S2 in India for INR 32890

samsung galaxy s IISo, it has finally happened. When we reported yesterday that Samsung is going to launch its flagship Android smartphone Galaxy S2 in India today, a lot of our readers were finding it hard to believe, but here is the official launch.

Samsung today unveiled SGS2 for the India market at a press event in New Delhi. Samsung has priced it at INR 32,890 for the 16GB version and you will able to buy it starting June 3 at any Vodafone store or from June 9 at any retail store.

Samsung also confirmed the specifications of India version of Samsung Galaxy S II, and yes it will have the 1.2 GHz Exynos processor with Super AMOLED Plus display. Those of you waiting for the NFC hardware in the device, Indian version will feature NFC chip.

Update: Samsung has partnered with Vodafone to exclusively sell the smartphone at its stores from June 3, and buyers will get free 1 GB data from the telecom operator for six months.

Samsung Galaxy S II India version Specifications:

  • Android 2.3
  • Samsung Exynos 1.2 GHz Dual core processor
  • 8MP rear camera with 2 MP front cam
  • NFC Hardware
  • Bluetooth 3.0 with EDR
  • USB 2.0
  • WiFi b/g/n, WiFi direct
  • DLNA
  • 16GB internal storage
  • 1650 mAh battery
  • 4.27 inch Super AMOLED Plus display
  • Social Hub, Games Hub, Readers Hub
  • aGPS
  • HSPA+

59 thoughts on “Samsung launches Galaxy S2 in India for INR 32890

  1. Finally.. after waiting for such a long time.. finally πŸ™‚ The best part is that the pricing is quite right.

    Is a 32GB going to be launched? Any speculation on the prices? And quite sad to hear about the non-inclusion of NFC πŸ™

  2. Hi ‘ve been following your tweets too and its gr8 that they finally launched this Beast in INDIA, but little disappointing as no NFC, since its going to be future of payment…

  3. Is there any information about 32GB version of SGS2?
    Can you also let us know about the other features too like Gorilla Glass, GPU, Bluetooth & USB versions?


  4. NFC will not be of much use in India as it is not widely deployed yet….

    about the vodafone exclusivity…. is it SIM locked to vodafone? Can we buy it SIM free before June 9 at all?

  5. Hi Gaurav ,
    Can anyone buy it from vodaphone ? or only vodaphone customers can buy it. Will it be locked if you buy it through vodaphone ?

  6. Have been following your tweets! Thanks for the info! Price is little steep but not overpriced like the HTC Sensation or the iPhone 4. The Samsung Galaxy S II is the best dual core phone one can get! Bye bye iPhone! πŸ™‚

  7. NFC doesn’t matter, and it won’t really be the future of payments, especially in India. By the time it’s put to some pragmatic use here, you’d probably be using some other phone and not this one.

    On the other hand, if you plan on going to Japan or S. Korea, I understand the desire for an NFC-chip.

  8. NFC is not the deciding factor for me, but still its good to ‘ve & now it seems Indian version ‘ll ‘ve NFC hardware πŸ˜‰ , i ‘ve decided to get this BEAST in march itself & ‘m waiting like hell for this to be in my hands πŸ™‚

  9. Yes, Indian version will have NFC hardware! Now all I have to do is to get this phone, it has all the features I’ve ever dreamed of! πŸ™‚

  10. Good that SG2 is released. Any idea about the pricing for the 32GB version and also when it would be available in retail shops in India.

  11. @Gaurav,

    Would it be possible for you to find out whether the inclusion of an NFC chip (if indeed present) will lead to an increase in the phone’s thickness?


  12. Imma gonnna buy it…1.2 ghz plus NFC is the killer in this…Eagerly waiting for June 9…Does vodafone sales involve carrier locked handsets?

  13. Great news.
    But why are we in India worrying about whether it’ll have a NFC chip or not ? It’s relevant in places like UK where they do have some practical use for it not here.

  14. I hope its not locked to Vodafone. Usually when device are launched in collaboration with mobile operators, they are locked.

  15. if itz locked with vodafone then we are suppose to purchase vodafone sim too ??? is it true.. pls reply !!!

    1. You will need a vodafone number to buy the Vodafone version, and that number will get these data benefits but phone will not be locked to Vodafone.

  16. The 1gb free data for 6 months from vodafone turns out to be saving of 3900/- Rs…this is a neat deal… i am just hoping that handset is not locked by vodafone network.

  17. Great if the the handset is not locked by vodafone…. but still might as well wait till 9th & see how much are retailers charging for this sexy beast. I will callup themobilestore helpline in few days.

  18. @Gaurav can u plz give us the in-depth details of the contents of SGS2 box (like whether HDMI cable is present or not, any carry case is given or not…) this ‘ll be very nice to know πŸ˜‰

  19. i think its written in the article that the NFC chip is included in the indian version… then why is some1 sad abt the non-inclusion of NFC

  20. Not able to understand only one thing, why there is no note on this from Samsung officially on their website! Is there any link I am missing here?

  21. Hi Gaurav,
    It’s great finally SGS2 will be in my hands.
    I would like to know on Vodafone is it going to be locked device.

  22. Readers please read the post carefully before commenting. 1.SGS2 will have NFC on-board
    2.Not locked to Vodafone.

  23. u hav not mentioned about music hub??????will the indian version not support the online music store?????????

  24. Hi Gaurav –If Sammy is allowing pre-orders on its website on a down payment of 1000 tomorrow, does that mean we would be able to use that credit against the actual purchase from Voda on june 3? Or is it that we can buy it only on June 9..wud greatly appreciate a response in case u have that information..thnx

  25. wat’s d thickness of d gs2(indian version) ???????heard dat it is thicker than the european version(8.5mm) bcoz of nfc inclusion

  26. @gaurav: Does S2 support push email and can it sync with MS Outlook thru internet / wi-fi? The spec does not say anything regarding push emails.

  27. I am mad, I want this badly… Galaxy S2 wohoooo
    Vaibhav, Amit aur Anshu ko dikha dunga Galaxy S2 khareed kar !!

  28. Hi, great to hear about the good news. @Gaurav/others,

    Can the current 16GB be upgradeable to 32 GB or more (whenever it is required)?

  29. And I bet this day is not coming in near future. The phone is highly overrated. Why spend extra just for dual core, which might not be useful in one’s day to day life. I would rather give spend the money on mad parties which will give far more satisfaction…

  30. some questions.
    1. Is it as responsive as iphone 4.
    2. Is it wi-fi b/g/n or a/b/g/n.
    3. Is the 8gb card included in the set.

  31. Mainaak your all questions have one ans i.e YES.
    and its better to wait for 2 to 3 months for buying S2 because expected price would be 25k in september.

  32. I have pre-ordered the phone on 26 April 2011 and paid for it in full on 2nd June 2011 on

    Guess what today is the 10th and no phone. Even worse I have no idea when i will get it. The lets com just says the order is “Confirmed”

    Letsbuy – uurged me me to make payment so that they could collate all orders and dispatch the same by the 4th of June. They had asked 3-4 working days to deliver the same.

    It should have reached me earliest on the 7th and latest on the 9th of June.

    Letsbuy is not responding to my mail or calls properly.
    This is a total disaster.

    Eventually i have realised that the phone will come come when letsbuy dispatch team thinks it fot to send it and inform their logistics team … that seems will happen after some people have bought the phone cheaper that what i have got from and
    what adds insult to ingury is they get the bragging rights even though i have paid a premium that too well in advance.
    My suggestion is avoid the preorder route as it seems in my opinin a total waste of money, time and letsbuy is not making things any better by not responing properly and compensting for this loss.

  33. I have bought this phone 2 days is the best phone I have ever seen..a strong does not have nfc,whats it need?? Blazing fast phone..

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