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LG G2x to get Gingerbread update soon

T-Mobile today confirmed the upcoming Android 2.3 update for LG G2x. Telecom operator insisted that it won’t take long for the update, which seems normal as the device comes with stock Android version.

It would be interesting to see if LG can push the update before the CyanogenMod team releases a stable version of their ROM for the device.

G2x, which is a rock solid Android device, lacks in the software department as it comes with Android 2.2 on-board, and the upcoming Android 2.3 will surely make more consumers want the device.

3 thoughts on “LG G2x to get Gingerbread update soon

  1. very nice I hope T Mobile Android 2.3 Gingerbread update will come very soon to fulfill all the features if this company launches with a fold able keyboard with this keyboard when we open this we can type anything as like as our computer’s keyboard if we fold it it should be smaller as a mobile if this type of keyboard available to us we can forget our computer i can say exactly.

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