Google Nexus S is here with Gingerbread

Google has finally launched the much anticipated Nexus S smartphone. Developed in partnership with Samsung, Google Nexus S is the successor of Nexus One which was released on Jan 5 earlier this year.
Google Nexus S combines some the best hardware available in the market with Android’s latest version Android 2.3.
Other specifications include 1Ghz processor, 4 inch display, 16 GB Intenal Memory, NFC support, 5 MP rear camera with a front facing VGA camera.
Nexus S will be available initially at Best Buy in the U.S. (on T-Mobile) and Carphone Warehouse in the U.K. Google says the phone is currently expected to be available starting December 16, although pre-orders might be taken earlier.

3 thoughts on “Google Nexus S is here with Gingerbread

  1. Disappointed Nexus Gingerbread not launched in India where Samsung has their latest offerings being snapped up quicker than lightening !

  2. Great It should been have 8mpx cam & HD recording & Is this is launching in INDIA or not ? If its not then its sooooooo disappointing man !

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