Softbank Japan releases Dell Streak, HTC Desire HD & Huawei 004HW

Softbank Huwei 004HW

Android invaded Japan in a big way yesterday. In a launch ceremony, Japan’s leading telecom operator Softbank released six Android 2.2 smartphones – Dell Streak, HTC Desire HD, Huawei’s latest smartphone, two 3D smartphones from Sharp [we have already talked about them here] and ZTE Libero [More on this here].

It is for the first time that Huawei has launched a smartphone in Japan, Named as Softbank 004HW, this Android 2.2 powered phone comes with .2” VGA Multi-touch screen, a 5Mpix Camera, GPS, Wi-Fi, HSDPA, Bluetooth and a 600MHz MSN7227 CPU.  Huawei 004HW will be available in Black and Pink and support HSDPA. It is scheduled to hit Japan in March 2011.

Coming to a tablet cum smartphone from Dell, Streak is already available in many countries right now. It will reach Japan under the name – SoftBank 001DL with much anticipated Android 2.2 update. It is scheduled to launch in market later this month with pre-orders starting from 12th of this month.

At last, Softbank also introduced HTC Desire HD in Japanese market. It will be named the 001HT and available soon in Softbank stores. Desire HD comes with Snapdragon 1GHz CPU, 4.2” VGA screen, an 8Mpix Camera with AF, DLNA, Flash 10.1 Support, GPS, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

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