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LG India to launch Optimus One in Mid-Nov for Rs 13K

LG is preparing to launch its latest Android 2.2 smartphone Optimus One in India. The smartphone will be priced at Rs 13,000 and is expected to release in mid-November.

Optimus One will be the first Android smartphone to come with Android 2.2 pre-installed in the country. It has got decent reviews in other where it has been launched.

LG will be targeting entry and mid level smartphone users to but this Android device.

LG Optimus One Full Specifications:

6 thoughts on “LG India to launch Optimus One in Mid-Nov for Rs 13K

  1. What about Flash support? I read somewhere it won’t support Flash despite having Android 2.2 because the hardware is not up to it?

  2. I am waiting for this mobile from 3 months. It has got all the specs and features and great design with nice display and touch capabilities. I’ll get this one as soon as possible. Its much better than Optimus, Galaxy 3 and Galaxy 5 in terms of Battery, Display, Design and OS. I love it, i’ll get it.

  3. what no front facing camera?? then i think video calling facility is not there!!!
    Only Android 2.2 does not make a phone great smart-phone!!!!!

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