Sony Ericsson Canada to push Android 2.1 to Xperia X10 in Nov

Sony Ericsson Canada today announced on their Twitter account that it will be pushing the much awaited Android 2.1 aka clair update to Xperia X10 in November.

Xperia X10 users have been waiting for this update for a long long time, and we hope this news brings them some peace.

Till then, we leave you with some of the Xperia X10 video with Android 2.1 on board.

9 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson Canada to push Android 2.1 to Xperia X10 in Nov

  1. till nov ?

    good, when xperia users get andorid 2.1, iphone will have better apps, motorola and htc will have android 2.2 or a further version.

    xperia was a bad deal

  2. Goodness..SE..I new that happening and I’m happy that I sold my goddamm phone just about the right time. SE is champion in screwing around it’s customer.. NEVER AGAIN!!

  3. Too little too late. My x10 is for sale and I’m looking for an android phone that runs the latest, not still waiting on last years version

  4. Hey I got a sony ericsson xperia x10, and I’m totally stoked for the 2.1 upgrade.

    the iPhone OS is sort of annoying in my own opinion, even compared to the 1.6 android i’m running now. Personally I haven’t had a single problem running with my phone.

    And as for the other phones getting 2.2, that’s not much of a setback for the Xperia because while they’ll be running a higher OS, we have more to offer in the hardware sense. The Xperia looks better, feels sleeker than the HTC or Samsung equivalent. We have a stronger camera, and the Xperia screen has been compared to AMOLED screens and guess who won? Yeah that’s right, we did 😉

    Just think about what your Xperia is going to look like when you get all those pretty new colours and HD. So before you sell your phone for it being only 2.1, check if 2.2 really ends up making a difference when your phone is going to run 2.1 better than any 2.2 phone.

  5. NOVEMBER!? how can you act like this is a good thing!? Its another delay after the first delay. First they said end of September, then they said end of October. And now they say November, and you know damn well they mean END of November! And even after the update there still wont be any flash support!

    I think I see a Samsung in my near future…

  6. Honestly, I get not what SE are doing.
    Have always been a UK customer, but now I’m pissed and will never buy a SE again. FU*K games are produced faster than a fucking android 2.1 software.
    Is really disappointed in SE, going over to the iPhone now. SE put down with the production if you can not keep living up to the rest of the world market. HATE YOU AND YOUR MOBILE. NEVER AGAIN

  7. I’m so disappointed in SE not keeping their promises! November? Shit! Unbelievable!
    Will never buy any SE products ever again!!!

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