Nexus Two rumours: Is Google still trying to change mobile model?

We have seen the downfall of Google Nexus One. Although a good smartphone, Nexus One died a sad death and Google closed the Web store and now it’s the time of forums, but that does not stop the rumours of Nexus Two.

According to the latest set of rumours coming to British financial daily City AM, Google has inked a deal with wireless retail giant Carphone Warehouse to exclusively sell a Nexus Two. Nexus Two, you heard it right.

City AM has not offered many concrete details apart from that the alleged Nexus Two will arrive at the Christmas time in UK, and it will run on Gingerbread.

As this has come out of the blue, there might be some sort of truth in it, but we do not think Google will ever dirty its hands again. Partnering with Carphone will solve its distribution problem, but what about service issues, and price point?

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