Ava DuVernay to direct DC’s superhero film “The New Gods”

Ava DuVernay
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Warner Bros. has roped in Ava DuVernay, the director of the recent release “A Wrinkle in Time”, to adapt DC Comics’ The New Gods series for the big screen. Although A Wrinkle in Time has been a box office disappointment, industry watchers have reacted positively to the news of DuVernay helming The New Gods. DuVernay is the second woman to direct a DC Comics superhero movie after Wonder Woman’s Patty Jenkins.

The New Gods?

The New Gods are the highly powerful natives of the twin planets of New Genesis and Apokolips. Apokolips is the same planet where the Justice League villain SteppenWolf was from. Created and designed by influential comic book artist and innovator Jack Kirby in the ‘70s, The New Gods came into existence after the old gods were destroyed during Ragnarok. Some of the New Gods characters are Orion, Mister Miracle, Highfather, Big Barda, Metron, Darkseid, and Black Racer.

You can read this DC Comics blog post for more information about The New God and Fourth World.

Credit: DC Comics

The New Gods movie

Warner Bros. hasn’t shared any details about the film at this point. There is no word on which characters will be appearing in it or how much it will be linked with the existing DCEU. Many of elements of Justice League movie originated in The New Gods comics including the villain and Mother Boxes, so there is certainly a big way to link the movies. The studio also hasn’t given a release window for the movie, but it will be at least two or three years before we see The New Gods in the theatres.

Ava DuVernay

Apart from A Wrinkle in Time, Ava DuVernay has directed Selma (2014), which won an Oscar for Original Song and was nominated for the Best Picture, Middle of Nowhere (2012) and I Will Follow (2010) movies. She has also worked on a number of TV movies, documentaries and shorts.


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