Advertisements is now ‘The Geek Life’

As some of you might have noticed that has been relatively silent over the last few days and here’s the reason why.

I am pleased to announce that is re-branding to The Geek Life.

My goal with the new name is to expand and slightly tweak what I have been covering on the blog. I will no longer just be writing about Android. Going forward, I will cover all major developments in the consumer technology as well as pop culture domains with a bit of space/ science coverage thrown in.

Since I lost a significant portion of the blog readership after I had shut down in June, 2015, this is kind of a fresh start for me. If everything goes well, I do want to build a team and bring in more people, but for now, you will only be seeing posts from me.

I hope to offer the same unbiased, crisp and timely coverage that you guys have come to expect from me.

Feel free to drop in any questions, suggestions, feedback in the comments section or e-mail me at contact @



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