Google makes it easier to plan trips on the go

Google Hotel SearchUpdate (February 7, 2018):

Google is continuing to refine its travel offerings on mobile. The company on Tuesday announced that it is making the hotel search easier with a new search experience on the smartphones.

The new hotel search packs better pricing filters, easier-to-find amenity information and the ability to book right from Google. Additionally, the users will be able to jump directly from hotel search to flight search and vice versa to get hotel or flight options for the selected dates. For example, if you are searching for hotels in Barcelona for February 26 to March 1 stay, clicking the flights tab on top will give you return flights options for the same dates from your current location. Both flights and hotels tabs will also appear when you are trying to look information on the destinations.

Google is also introducing a new experience for ‘More Destinations,’ which allows you to easily explore other vacation spots, weekend gateways and recommended trips.

This is not all, the company is adding a new feature called ‘Your Trips’ as well. It will help users see all their upcoming and past travel reservations from Gmail. They will be able to share details directly from ‘Your Trips’ with family and friends.

These features are a part of Google mobile search experience, but they will not be available to everyone immediately and will gradually roll-out over the coming days. Some of the features may not be offered in all markets. 

Earlier (Dec 15 ,2017):

Google adds deals to Google Trips & price tracking to hotel search

With the end of 2017 fast approaching, many of us are already making travel plans for 2018. In order to aid the likes of us in our flight bookings, hotel search and sightseeing, Google has announced a few new features in its travel-related products.

Google Flights

Google Flights

Starting with Google Flights, the search giant will now offer tips with flight search results. It will show whether the flights in the results are cheaper than usual or whether the prices won’t do down any more for these dates and so on. Google is using machine learning and statistical analysis of historical flights data to suggest these tips.

“A tip would say that “prices are less than normal” and by how much to indicate you’d spotted a deal. Or, if prices tend to remain steady for the date and place you’re searching for, a tip would indicate the price “won’t drop further” based on our price prediction algorithms, wrote Richard Holden, VP of Travel Products at Google, in a blog post.

Hotel Search

Google Hotel SearchSimilar to Google Flights, Google will offer tips with hotel search results about whether the room rates are higher than normal or the city or town is busier because of an event or a conference. Like Las Vegas will be super busy around CES 2018, so if you search for a hotel during those dates, Google will tell you why the room rates are high and you can avoid them by shifting the travel dates just a bit. Also, you can now get price drop alerts by email by opting into Hotel Price Tracking on your phone.

Google Trips

Lastly, the company has introduced a new Discounts feature in the Google Trips app. This feature will allow you to access deals on ticketing for attractions, tours and other activities during your vacation.Google Trips

“No matter where you’re headed (and if you need ideas, read on), Trips makes it easy to browse and access fun stuff to do on your vacation without breaking the bank,” explained Holden in the blog post.

The discounts feature is immediately available in Google Trips via an update.

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