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This tool can root your Pixel phone without breaking OTA support

MagiskPopular rooting tool Magisk has released a beta version (14.1) of its app, which includes the ability to root Google Pixel phones while preserving the ability to install the Google provided over-the-air software updates. Normally if you root your phone, you lose OTA update support.

However, applying OTA update on a device rooted by Magisk v14.1 isn’t all that straightforward and is only recommended for the users who know what they are doing. The Magisk developer has even shared a pretty detailed guide to help the users in successfully updating their Pixel phones over-the-air after root.

According to Magisk developer, the OTA survival method should work with most Android devices with with A/B Partitions.

For those of you who are hearing about Magisk for the first, it is great tool to root most Android devices. It is available for download from XDA Developers and lots of documentation to help you with rooting your device.

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