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Nvidia Shield TV sans game controller will retail at $179.99

Nvidia Shield TVIn order to better tap the streaming crowd, Nvidia has announced a new configuration of its Shield TV in the US. Set to start shipping October 18, the new Shield TV package will not include the game controller, which is available with the standard Shield TV. The buyers of the new version will still get the Shield Remote.

This configuration has been priced at $179.99, down from $199.99 price of standard Shield. The standard version of the device will continue to be available.

Introduced in January this year, Nvidia Shield TV runs on Android TV platform and comes with 4K HDR streaming support. It also includes Google Assistant as well as SmartThings smart home hub integration for voice control and smart home operations.

In terms of specifications, the device is powered by Tegra X1 processor and packs 3-gigabytes of RAM, 16-gigabytes of internal storage, and USB 3.0 flash drive support. The Shield Remote comes with a mic for voice search and IR blaster for TV volume and power control.Nvidia Shield TV

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