HTC adds more functions to U11’s squeeze feature

HTC U11When HTC launched U11 earlier this year, the phone was pretty much the same as other great flagship models, barring one feature – Edge Sense. This unique feature allows users to do things with their phone by squeezing its sides.

The initial version of Edge Sense was barebones with support for only two functions – using it as a shortcut to open an app or clicking a photo.

Now, HTC has announced that it is expanding the function-set of Edge Sense. If you were earlier clicking images with a squeeze, you will now be able to do the same in Instagram and Facebook cameras. In addition, you can use squeeze to zoom-in on Google Maps or play and pause music or switch between view in Calendar app.

With the latest update, HTC has included squeeze options for six popular apps. You will also be able to create custom squeeze actions like initiating a tap or double tap at a particular place inside an app with just a squeeze.

The update will be rolled out via Play Store version of Edge Sense and is an opt-in program. The company has promised to further refine and enhance the experience.

Meet the newest Edge Sense functions

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