WhatsApp borrows Facebook’s colourful status updates

WhatsApp StatusWhatsApp has officially started rolling out support for Facebook-like colourful status updates. The feature is now available on Android and iOS versions of the chat app. The web version will only allow you to see the status updates for now.

The users will be able to customise their text status updates with the font and background colour of their choice. They will also get the option to include links in the status updates.

Although Status updates are kind of a non-essential feature, I am sure there are plenty of people out there using them to show off their creativity or emotions.

To remind you, Snapchat-like WhatsApp Status updates (with support to stitch videos and images together) were introduced back in February and the company brought back vanilla text based status updates the next month. Now, with the Facebook-style status updates, the consumers have three ways to set-up their WhatsApp Status.WhatsApp Status

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