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Skype Lite will now help you stay on top of your text messages

Text Insights in Skype LiteMicrosoft on Thursday announced that it has added a new ‘SMS Insights’ feature to the Skype Lite application. With SMS Insights, Skype Lite is hoping to help you get order in the chaos of SMS messages.

Every one of us gets truckload of text messages these days ranging from OTPs to bank transactions alerts to ticket booking notifications. Keeping up with these messages is incredibly tough and personally I sometimes don’t even bother looking at them given the sheer numbers of them I get everyday including promotional SMSes.

Microsoft writes in a blog post that the company listened to user feedback and is now offering a tool to organise the SMS clutter.

“The new SMS Insights feature on Skype Lite is built to help. SMS Insights goes far beyond simply organizing your messages: it aggregates the information you need and presents it at a glance, sorting it into categories like Finance, Shopping, Travel, Reminders, and Promotions. It empowers you to easily interact the messages you want, while offering relevant action links that allow you to pay bills, check-in to flights, and even call customer support numbers,” explained Microsoft.Text Insights in Skype Lite

SMS Insights will go through your text messages and present important and valuable information at one place in a readable manner. The company also notes that it does all the sorting and classification on the device itself and none of the data is stored on Microsoft servers. All this sounds neat on the paper, but it is the actual execution that will matter.

As the app name states, Skype Lite is a lightweight version of Skype and is optimized for 2G and slower data networks. It allows you to make Skype calls, send or receive text messages and interact with Skype bots.

If you wanted to check out Skype Lite, you can grab the app from Google Play.

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