Google’s new Chromebook Pixel arriving this autumn

Google's Chromebook Pixel
Google’s original Chromebook Pixel

If Android Police is to be believed, Google is preparing a new Chromebook Pixel, which will make its debut this autumn. According to the blog, the Chrome OS running laptop will be introduced alongside the company’s new Pixel smartphones. The device specific details are unclear at this point.

Set to be the second Pixel-branded Chromebook from the company, the device may have born out of Google’s Project Bison. With Bison, Google allegedly aimed to create a Macbook competitor running on a modified version of Android. It seems Google has given up on those plans and is sticking to Chrome OS, which already has Google Play and Android app support.

In addition to the Chromebook Pixel, Google will also showcase a mini version of its Google Home device, which will take on Amazon Echo Dot in smart home segment. Details of this new Google Home version are also a mystery right now.

On the Pixel smartphone front, rumours and leaks indicate there will two Pixel phones like the last year. The smaller Pixel (made by HTC) will pack a 4.97-inch FHD display, while the bigger model (made by LG) will include a 5.99-inch screen. Both the phones are expected to be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and will feature 4GB of RAM.

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