Opera updates Android version, releases browser for Android TV

Opera for AndroidOpera has released version 30 of its main browser application on Android, which brings support for Speed Dial sync, better text selection and long-press menus, as well as stability updates. The updated version is now available in Google Play.

According to Opera, the updated version will allow the users to sync their Speed Dial across platforms (in addition to the already supported bookmark sync). It is not a true-sync, instead Opera uploads all your Speed Dial entries (from different platforms) to your Opera account and when you are signed into a particular platform version of Opera (like Android), you can import one or more Speed Dial entries from other platform version of Opera (like Windows).

Opera has also tweaked the long press and text selection menus and now they are more in-line with current Android look. This move is quite interesting because with the upcoming Android M, Google is going towards what text selection and long press menus were in Opera 29, while Opera with the new version is matching the existing Android menu, which will be obsolete in the next Android version.Opera for Android

In addition, the Opera for Android is getting improvements in page navigation and other stability related fixes.

Opera for Android TV

Opera is like an omnipresent browser, it is available on pretty much every platform and the company’s expansion doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Opera has now announced the launch of a browser for Android TV devices, which currently supports NVIDIA Shield Android TV box and ADT-1. It doesn’t work on Nexus Player right now, but the company will likely add the support for the Asus player and other Android TV devices in the coming days. Opera Android TV browser

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