News Briefs: Yureka & Yuphoria get CM nightlies, Playphone store coming to Cyanogen OS & more

Yu YuphoriaCyanogenMod nightlies arrive for Yu Yureka and Yuphoria

Want to live on the bleeding edge of the Cyanogen OS development for Yu Yureka or Yuphoria smartphones, you can now grab the CM nightlies from CyanogenMod website. The Yureka nightlies can be found under the codename “tomato,” while the Yuphoria nightlies are available under “lettuce.”

To remind you, the nightlies are the automatic compilation of the development carried on a particular software code at the end of the day. Nightlies are untested, thus can include bugs and other issues.

Playphone partners with Cyanogen Inc.

Curated game store provider Playphone has announced a partnership with Cyanogen. As a part of this partnership, Playphone store will come pre-loaded on the Cyanogen OS devices in various markets across the globe.

“The Playphone Game Store is a single, engaging app where gamers discover, download, play and share thousands of popular games with friends, with advanced social features deeply integrated throughout the gaming experience. Gamers easily connect with friends to recommend games, challenge or invite to play, brag leaderboard ranks, and more,” the company wrote in a press release describing the game store.

“Playphone is excited to partner with Cyanogen, whose leading commercial OS in emerging markets offers a massive distribution opportunity for game developers. Game developers can easily realize significant added revenue from their existing Android game by adding it to the Playphone Game Store,” said Ron Czerny, CEO and Founder of Playphone. [Press Release]

Gmail for Android update brings Oauth support for Yahoo & Microsoft account

As you know, Gmail app now acts the complete email solution on Android by allowing you access to emails from third-party webmail services like Yahoo/Microsoft as well as work email from Exchange accounts.

Now, to enhance the security of third-party webmail account holders, Google has added Oauth support for Yahoo and Microsoft accounts. So, the next time you will add Yahoo or Microsoft account in Gmail for Android, Google will directly send you to Yahoo or Microsoft for authentication, rather than asking for your password and authenticating itself. This approach allows you to take advantage of security features like two-step verification and account recovery.

In addition, Gmail update brings several bug fixes and performance improvements. It will be rolling out over the next few days. [Source]

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