News Briefs: Asus mulls HTC acquisition, Twitter to ditch character limit from DMs, Ouya looks for a buyer & more

HTC dying logoAsus might acquire HTC: Report

Inside Asus headquarters in Taiwan, the company executives are discussing a buyout of the struggling smartphone maker HTC. Asus Chairman Johnny Shih remarked at the company’s annual general meeting that they haven’t ruled out the possibility of acquiring HTC.

The company CFO David Chang however downplayed the chances of it actually happening.

“Our chairman has chatted about the topic internally. Still, the chances of an actual takeover are not big as Asustek is a company that has depended on organic growth,” Chang told Reuters.

Twitter to remove 140-character limit from Direct Messages

Twitter has announced that it will ditch the character limit in the direct messages in July. The company is asking the developers to get their apps ready for the change.

When the limit is removed, the Twitter users will be able to send or receive as long direct messages as they want. There are however no plans to do anything with the character limit of tweets. [Source]

Ouya is looking for a buyer: Report

Ouya game console
Android-powered Ouya Game Console

The Kickstarter darling Ouya is negotiating a possible buyout. The company is currently in talks with Razer, a computer and accessories maker. Nothing is final at this point, but there is a big possibility that Razer might soon become the owner of Ouya.

Despite the acquisition, Ouya is likely to continue functioning under Razer ownership and will get investment and other support from Razer. [Source]

Huawei Watch China launch delayed: Report

Huawei Watch

It is unclear whether the China release delay will impact the launch in other markets. While it seems unlikely, we never know. [Source]

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