HTC to launch “hero” product in October: CEO

HTC LogoHTC chairwoman and CEO Cher Wang recently revealed at an investors meet that the company plans to launch a “hero” smartphone in October this year. Wang did not share any details about the October launch, but she did say that their next year’s flagship will include significant improvements in innovation and design. One (M9), which is HTC’s current flagship, was criticized for being too similar to One (M7), the previous year’s flagship.

The upcoming “hero” model will most likely not replace One (M9) as flagship, but will join it at the top of the HTC’s portfolio. We expect it to run Android M and come with one of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800-series processors like 808 or 810.

HTC is facing tough competition in the smartphone market from not just big firms like Apple, Samsung and LG, but also from new players like Xiaomi. None of the recent launches from the company have helped it much and the same is evident in company’s financials.

Continuous poor financial performance from the company has also begun reflecting in the company’s stock performance. HTC share price is currently at its lowest level in 12 years (NT$92.8) at Taiwan Stock Exchange, down from the April 2011 high of NT$1300.

Wang apologized to the shareholders for the disappointing performance at the investors meet, but was hopeful about the future.

“I’m optimistic about HTC’s outlook and development. I believe we will have promising prospects if we choose and focus on developing the right products,” Wang told the shareholders.


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