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Expands Google Web Light to India

Google Web Light improvements
Google’s optimised version of

A month after beginning the field trials for its new feature to optimise webpages for the Google search users on Android devices in Indonesia, Google has announced its expansion to the Indian market.

According to a post on Google India blog, in two weeks, Google will start showing an optimised version of mobile webpages to search users on Android devices in India.

“If you’re in India, with an Android phone and on a slow connection, like 2G, you should start to see pages loading a whole lot faster, while using far less data, via your Chrome or Android browser from Google’s search results,” wrote Hiroto Tokusei of Google.

The search giant notes that during its Indonesia trials, the optimised webpages loaded four times faster and use 80 percent less data than before.

Although Google has not officially named the feature, the Google Web Light improvements

Who will see these optimised webpages?

Google search users on Android devices, who are on slower data connection and use Chrome for Android or Android (AOSP) browser.

What exactly is Google optimising?

Google is essentially passing the whole webpage through its own servers and transcoding it to reduce the overall size, caching a few elements and removing the excess advertisements. According to Google, it will only serve 3 ads per page.

Will I lose any data on the optimised webpages?

The optimized pages preserve a majority of the relevant content and provide a link for users to view the original page.

Will also webpages be optimised?

No. The websites, who have opted out of the Google Web Light, sites that require cookies, sites that use a significant amount of data and the websites that are technically difficult to transcode will not be optimised.

Is it available anywhere outside India and Indonesia?

It is coming soon to Brazil. Keep an eye on the Google Brazil blog for more.

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