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Adieu (Update: We are back)

Update: is back – Read more

Earlier: I have long dreaded that one day I will be writing this post. But, after all, everything that has a beginning has an end. So, with heavy heart, I announce that is shutting down.

This day was in making for some time and those who know me personally are aware that I have mulled this quite a few times and had always decided against it in the past. It is never easy to put an end to something that you have created, nurtured and turned into what you can been proud of. But, as I get ready for the next phase of my life/ career, I have to bid goodbye. will continuing residing on the web as an archive of the all the work that I have put in over the past many years, but there won’t be any new content.

I still can’t believe that it has been this long. I distinctly remember beginning a hobby blog about Android on Blogger soon after Google had unveiled Android and Open Handset Alliance, but at that time I had no idea that one day that small blog would become this big and I will be writing about Android full time. It has been a great journey, there were good days and bad days and then there were great days. I also made my fair share of mistakes and I learnt from them. As I sit down to chalk out the journey ahead, I feel much wiser thanks to

Thank you for being such great readers all these years. would not have existed without you. It has been an honour.


Gaurav Shukla

119 thoughts on “Adieu (Update: We are back)

  1. Hi
    Appreciate all your hard work to keep us updated !!
    This blog provided from a long time crisp and latest news from Android world.
    So now, search for a blog/site, like this blog will begin for me 🙁

  2. I second what has been written by Aneesh…. Understanding your situation, Wish you all the best for your coming endeavor(s) !

  3. All the very best for your new work. I’m sure we are missing indian edition of android blog so now we only have few option like

  4. I was quite late to the android world and have read quite a few blogs. But only 2 blogs ended up in my bookmark bar. A day would’t pass without me checking this site looking for new articles, launch, development. Good times.

    All the best for your future Gaurav.

  5. Really sad to read this Gaurav. This was my primary website for India specific Android news. However i wish you all the best for the next phase.. Hope to see u back in action somewhere sometime soon. Cheers!

  6. Thank you brother. Yous was the only blog I followed with notifications turned on in facebook. I admired your commitment to the blog, keeping it alive despite almost non existent user comments to motivate you. You did a great job. Good luck for your future.

  7. Hi Gaurav, All the best for future endeavors. This blog is the first which I started following to get android world news. Thanks for all great articles.

  8. Its really a sad news as you are shutting down this site, in fact I am one of the regular visitor of this site.
    I appreciate all your efforts and hope if you can continue this site or pass this site to someone who can maintain this website as you maintained.
    Thanks again dude for your wonderful venture and all the very best for your future.

  9. I have been an avid follower. Going to miss it for sure. Whats next Gaurav, if you don’t mind sharing?

  10. Hi Gaurav, I was stunned to see this post at first. How can something that I have visited & read everyday suddenly not be there anymore? But then I realized that everybody moves on in life and I only hope that you are moving on to something even bigger than and much more people will benefit from it someday. My only wish is, maybe, you can find somebody who has the same passion as you in continuing this site and AndroidOS lives on to find even more glory. Just maybe.

  11. I think I almost read/glimpsed through every article of your blog. Thanks for bringing android news, particularly Indian related android news to all of us.

    Appreciate all the efforts that you have put in to make this happen. Your blog would be missed. All the best for your future endeavour(s)

    PS: It would have been nice if alternative news links was provided to your followers

  12. Ohhhhhhhh shittttt ab main news kahan se padhunga O.o
    Please tell me the new site to study new Android blog
    Btw thanks gaurav and best of luck for your future your blogs was great
    And given the ample of information
    Thank you sooooo much ……………

  13. Dear Gaurav, Good luck for the future and thank you for your wonderful website. A small request cum query: How would you ensure that accounts registered either through website sign-up or vide Disqus etc.. dont get hacked and the same get erased from the database ? … The comments can stay on if they don’t make accounts vulnerable to attacks … ala TRAI style 🙂 Would appreciate your remedial action on the matter and a feedback confirming same, if possible. Thanks & Good Luck once again!

  14. Hey Gaurav…thats sad to hear. is one of my frequently visited websites. will miss it for sure. best of luck for future endeavors

  15. My Friend. Thanks for all those tech news that you have served us for the past so many years. I can’t remember a single day I haven’t visited your blog. It’s gonna be hard to get rid of this Practise.
    Wish you all the best with your future plans Gaurav.
    Will still visit your site for the old nostalgic news.

  16. I have been fan of your work. Your blog was my easy way to keep awareness of android world. Will miss you !

  17. You’ll be missed, thank you for all the effort you put in these past years and Good Luck for your future endeavours!

  18. or so many years androidos_in has been my go to site to get any android related news for India. No other site that I know of, gave me a comprehensive list of droids
    available in market and their price. You will be truly missed.

    With a heavy heart I will have remove androidos_in bookmark and start looking for a new site.

    All the best for your future endeavors, Gaurav..!

  19. this is the best news portal i ever see for android, can’t belive. i am sorry but i dont like the you are leaving, it’s making me upset i did not have a day withou

  20. This is not the content i want to read on androidos, Everyday i check the site for news and analysis before heading to gsmarena. Loved it very much. It was gr8 till it lasted. Best of luck for your future endeavours.

  21. Dear Gaurav, congratulations for taking a bold decision and I know how hard it must have been and wish u a splendid success in ur future endavours.will be really missing ur posts and

    Thanking you for your expert reviews through these years.

  22. Hi Gaurav,

    Best of luck for your future. When I got RSS feed for this blog, I couldn’t beleive it at first. Thanks for giving daily abundant information about android. This was one my favourite blogs.

    Thanks gain.

  23. OMG. This is the only website i follow for Android updates and latest phones. Thanks a lot for keeping us up-to date about the latest happenings.

    Wishing you all the very best for your future endeavours 🙂

  24. Hi Gaurav,

    With all respect to your decision and best wishes for your future endeavors, I just want to request you not to shut down such a good site.

    The site may be started and maintained by you, but it is our site..this is a site commonly used by lots of fans. So you should not take such a step. Your single decision can hurt lots of fans like us..please think about that.
    If there is any trouble you are facing to run this site, then please tell me..I will be more than happy to be with you and contribute to the site.

    But before that..please..please reconsider the decision.


  25. I should say i have been an avid reader of technology sites including yours and run myself a blog ( No tech related though).
    I used to feel proud reading your site as been an Indian site competing with the likes of androidauthority androidpolice xda etc.

    Some or the other point we all have to move ahead and leave the past behind to excel in life.

    I do hope and wish you all the best for your future life and wish you a great success in your future endeavour.

    I surely am like many fans out here, going to miss androidos in the coming days..

  26. Oh, thats really sad. There was not a single week in past two years without checking your website. You have the option to transfer site to another android enthusiast and be a mentor. I hope you are jumping to a more successful phase and career. All the best.

  27. Hi Gaurav,

    I am very sad to see this new, I have been following
    from long time.

    I thanks you for the good work you have put to bring up

    I wish you all the best…Hope to see u back



  28. Gaurav ji, this is one of the best Indian Android blog.. You have done great work, your reviews are very honest (even if the mobile is sponsored by some shop), you update reguarly.. Sad to say bye to you… But I am sure great future is waiting for you in whatever next steps you are taking.. All the best my friend…

  29. Hey Gaurav,

    Nothing in this world is permanent. It is always changing.
    Like Google there are few assets which needs to be lowered/shut down or can be used in other platform.
    Read/Liked your all the articles, provided few comments, provided suggestions, etc. It was FUN.

    And now it is time to say Good Bye which I DON’T AGREE BECAUSE

    World is so small and Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. made it further narrow. We will always follow you & eager to know WHAT ARE YOU UP TO NOW.

    We are always here to help you for ANYTHING!!!

    I am already connected so no ADIEU from my side & hope this remains from your side as well.

    Vishal Gohel

  30. All the best Gaurav for your future endorsement, keep the hard work and always set a mile stone for others !!

  31. Gonna miss reading the articles from this site. Have been a regular for couple of years atleast. All the best for your future endeavors!!!

  32. Sad news, One of the best Indian Android blog I have been following is Will surely miss the updates. All the best for your future endeavour.

  33. All the best for your future Gaurav… everyday i look into your articles before even i start raeading my official emails at work. will miss your articles.. Thank you and all the best for your future…

  34. Hi Gaurav,
    I always used to check your site first as you would provide wonderful news on Android first on the net . Feeling sad a bit as you are quitting. Anyways All The Best for your Future Buddy , will miss your android news very badly.

  35. Hi Gaurav,
    Thanks for all the work that you have done.I am a daily reader and even started my own blog ( ) inspired by bloggers like you.Thanks for early morning & late night latest news. I believe your next endeavour will be much better and rewarding.Thanks man…Thanks 🙂

  36. Dear Gaurav, was one of the first things I check daily and now am sad to hear this, however am sure you are progressing well and it was necessary for you to do this.
    Hope there is someone to carry you legacy forward.

    Good Luck,

  37. Fuck dude !! U just gave me a shock ! :'(
    Whenever i wake up in the morning the 1st thing tht alwys comes in my mind is ”” …. Seriously dude !!! This site always gives the best and relevant info about the mobile world instantly …… I always prefer ur website over gsmarena …. Now u r going:(
    …. Damn its really a very sad moment for me 🙁

  38. sad news, was in my shortcuts. a daily reader and an android fan like you. thanks for all these days and best luck.

  39. Gaurav, I am feeling sad a bit for your decision to shut down site. is the only site which i access after switching on my PC. Anyways All The Best for your Future Buddy , will miss your android news very badly.

  40. Can you please transition the site to someone else – it’s very useful to keep track of the Indian Android scene. Any suggestions on alternate sites we can use if you do decide to shut it down?

  41. I am really sorry to hear this.
    I really enjoyed your honest, to the point and un-biased articles.
    All the best for your future en devours.

  42. Sad to know this 🙁
    This blog was the only source for India focused Android news for me.
    Anyhow all the very best!

  43. Hi Gaurav,

    Thanks for all the information you have provided.

    Wish you best of luck for your future.

  44. Thanks for all your hard work and contribution in keeping this up. Wish you all the very best in your future endeavors.

  45. Sad to hear the news. I would say its a very informative blog and I ll miss your unbiased articles. All the best for your career 🙂

  46. Why are you shutting down the blog ? I used to come here everyday for mobile related news.
    All the best.

  47. is been my 1st blog to visit everyday.. Dont shut it down.. Hope you will change your mind. Anyway wish you all the best.. 🙂

  48. I used to be daily visitor to this blog to know what’s going on with Android and this was single place to get glimpse. Hope to see you again. All the best.

  49. hello gaurav, i very much sad ! u r the rinsperation to start my blog on xiaomi product ! i think u should revsied your desision or handover someone to run ( in back u have some lady who started the posting ) expecting postive reply

  50. i visit every day to know about android related news. it is always one of my best news blog. Thank you Gaurav and all the very best !!

  51. It was daily visit blog for me.. I wish u dnt stop posting… I love d website.. Plzzzz come bckk…
    And all d vry best for future…

  52. This was the website i would glance on everyday without fail, i had made it my homepage. best of luck! gaurav for your future endeavours,

  53. I used to visit this site at least twice a day… Hope you will change your mind.
    I really love this site.

    Ali the best….

  54. This site had become a daily routine for me ..
    but really in between i knew this day would come some day or the other..
    It was a great effort and dedication you had shown over the years..
    All the very best for your future…both in career as well as personal..
    Thank you…Will miss you

  55. I always loved visiting this site more often for the crisp and fresh information about android. This site was on top in my list to update myself quickly about the current happenings in the mobile market. I’m really gonna miss this website.
    Hope you will something big than this! All the best for your future endeavor!

  56. I am a regular visvisitor to this site, is bookmarked by me on every browser that I use.
    Instead of shutting down such a awesome site please transfer to someone who can contribute to future work.

  57. I don’t believe this why on earth did you think to shut down ? You can hire some new people who can continue your effort . I always visited this site and i think this is my first comment

  58. Not a very pleasant surprise. Your blog was my one stop shop for all Android news. Will miss it 🙁

    All the best for your future!

  59. Whoa! That’s a surprise. And not a nice one at that either. Too bad this isn’t April 1st.Oh well. Wish you all the best in your future endeavors, Gaurav. Cheers!

  60. WIsh you good luck Gaurav …we will miss you and as well ….it was so good when I used to open up your blog from the bookmarks at least 5 times a day… But I respect your decision and pray for the best for you….Thanks a lot again

  61. This is the best android blog. I respect your decision but instead of archiving the blog I’ll suggest to recruit some of your followers to do the work for you.

  62. please dont do this MR. Gaurav Shukla…this is the best android blog i have ever seen this is my daily blog please dont do this….am requesting you.i respect you please tell some of your friends to continue this blog….It is a humble request brother…

    Thanking You
    Hindol Saha

  63. i am a regular visitor here. very sad to see this happened. any way changes are inevitable. Wishes from my heart. had a great time with u bye 🙂

  64. You’re an inspiration for many. Thanks for nurturing the technology world for so long 🙂

  65. Yes, It is kind of time to leave, not much exciting happening in Android. Thanks for very interesting site, miss you.

  66. thanks. for providing all the stuff belong’s to the mobiles,networks , and what not about all the E-gadgets.I think you provide some info for all of us about those where can you get the info …i mean the sites or blogs which you refer ….if you don’t mine can you pls post those….so that we came to know all the new Happenings in the E-World.All the best for your Future….Thanks

  67. Why would you do such a thing! .. This is the only indian site which kept us all updated specifically the indian tech market .. Surely will be missed… Excellent job by the way and all the best for your future! 🙂

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