Adieu (Update: We are back)

Update: is back – Read more

Earlier: I have long dreaded that one day I will be writing this post. But, after all, everything that has a beginning has an end. So, with heavy heart, I announce that is shutting down.

This day was in making for some time and those who know me personally are aware that I have mulled this quite a few times and had always decided against it in the past. It is never easy to put an end to something that you have created, nurtured and turned into what you can been proud of. But, as I get ready for the next phase of my life/ career, I have to bid goodbye. will continuing residing on the web as an archive of the all the work that I have put in over the past many years, but there won’t be any new content.

I still can’t believe that it has been this long. I distinctly remember beginning a hobby blog about Android on Blogger soon after Google had unveiled Android and Open Handset Alliance, but at that time I had no idea that one day that small blog would become this big and I will be writing about Android full time. It has been a great journey, there were good days and bad days and then there were great days. I also made my fair share of mistakes and I learnt from them. As I sit down to chalk out the journey ahead, I feel much wiser thanks to

Thank you for being such great readers all these years. would not have existed without you. It has been an honour.


Gaurav Shukla


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