BlackBerry might launch an Android-powered smartphone: Report

Unannounced BlackBerry Slider at MWCCanada-based BlackBerry, which was once a key player in the smartphone market, is considering Android as the primary operating system for one of its upcoming devices, as BB 10 continues to get lukewarm response from the consumers.

According to a report in Reuters, it is unclear whether the company will completely ditch BB10 OS for Android, but for the time being the company is probably building only one Android smartphone. As per two of Reuters sources, the upcoming BlackBerry Android phone might use a slider form factor.

BlackBerry devices executive Ron Louks briefly showcased an unannounced slider-based BB smartphone at the Mobile World Congress earlier this year and the same phone is expected to be released with Android.

Not many details are available about this mystery device, but we do know that it is a portrait slider with dual-curved, touchscreen display (like Samsung Galaxy S6 edge) with a full physical QWERTY keyboard (see image below).

Reuters’ sources also add that the BB Android smartphone might also come with some BlackBerry’s patented features from the BB10 operating system. The specifics are unclear at this point.


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