Yahoo updates Flickr Android app with new features & UI improvements

Flickr for AndroidYahoo has released an updated version of the official Flickr app in Google Play, which brings a number of new features and user-interface improvements.

The updated version uses the company’s new unified design approach, which allows you to enjoy consistent Flickr experience across devices and platforms.

“Now, managing your photos will be more delightful, simple and effective. This refresh matches Flickr’s unified design so that you can share your content across devices, while enjoying a refined, vibrant experience,” Xanthe Travlos of Flickr wrote in a blog post.

In terms of the new features, Flickr has added auto-upload support, new Camera Roll tool for better organisation and image-editing, and unified photo search. Check out the details of each new feature below.Flickr for Android

Auto-Uploadr: Back-up your photos and videos to Flickr’s 1000GB cloud storage automatically. Auto-Uploadr will also back up all of the existing photos and videos as well as check for duplication.

Camera Roll: Browse your entire photo/ video catalog, organise it as well as edit it directly in the roll without impacting the original image file. Some of the available editing tools are crop, brightness control, contrast, and white balance.

Unified Search: With Flickr’s unified search, get results from not just your photos, but also from people you follow and the public images in the Flickr database.

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