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HTC One mini 2 & One mini won’t receive Android 5.0 update

HTC One mini 2 in GunmetalHTC has been rolling out Android 5.0 updates for many of its high-end smartphones, but it looks like the company will be leaving some of them at KitKat. The Taiwanese company recently revealed on Twitter that it will not be updating the One mini 2 and One mini smartphones to Lollipop.

While some might understand the decision to not bring One mini to Android 5.0, there are no good reasons for not updating One mini 2, which is less than a year-old, including the one given by HTC on Twitter

“We want the best possible experience for our customers. At this time, we determined that updating the HTC One mini 2 would not provide an optimal experience with Lollipop and as such the HTC One Mini 2 isn’t scheduled to receive the update,” wrote the company in a tweet.

No wonder, the company is having a hard time finding buyers for its smartphones. When other manufacturers like Motorola are updating even their entry-level smartphones, HTC doesn’t seem to bother even about their high-end and mid-range phones.

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