Google Play now allows users to pre-register for upcoming apps/ games

Pre-registrations in Google PlayGoogle has quietly rolled-out a new feature in the Play Store, which allows the consumers to keep track of the upcoming applications and games.

The company is working with select developers right now to put up application listings for pre-registrations before they are released. These pre-sale listings will not only help the developers generate buzz, but also allow the consumers to get release notifications for the anticipated titles, so that they don’t miss the launch.

The first pre-registration listing is already live in Google Play for an upcoming game from Glu Mobile – Terminator Genisys: Revolution. It will most probably be released along with the movie in late-June.

There are no charges for pre-registration and the consumers don’t have to buy or install the app if they have registered for it. They will just get a notification once the application is available in the Play Store. The users can also de-register anytime they want to stop the notifications.

There is no word on when Google will expand the availability of pre-registration listings to all developers, but we hope to hear more about it at the Google I/O developer conference later this month.Pre-registrations in Google Play


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