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Google to add native fingerprint authentication in Android M: Report

Fingerprint sensorGoogle is reportedly planning to add native support for fingerprint authentication in the next version of Android (tentatively named as Android M). While the implementation details of the new feature are unclear at this point, Buzzfeed is reporting that the search giant will unveil the feature at next week’s Google I/O developer conference.

According to Buzzfeed, the fingerprint authentication will allow the Android users to log in various supported applications by just scanning their fingerprint, not need for passwords.

Although fingerprint sensors have been present in various high-end Android smartphones since 2011, but because of the lack of native implementation, the Android manufacturers had to create their own software to include support for fingerprint sensors, leading to fragmentation. The lack of native support also became a deterrent for the smaller OEMs to include fingerprint scanner in their Android devices, as they don’t have the R&D resources like Samsung to create their own software supporting the biometric authentication.

Image Credit: Cult of Android

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