App Briefs: Mi Band now syncs with Google Fit, Spotlight Stories land in Google Play & more

Mi Fit with Google Fit syncMi Band now syncs fitness data with Google Fit

If you prefer Google Fit over Xiaomi’s Mi Fit application to manage your Mi Band data, you are in luck. Xiaomi has announced that it has updated the Mi Fit application to add sync support for Google Fit. You will have to keep both applications, but at least you will get all your Mi Band data in Google Fit.

The updated version of Mi Fit is now available in Google Play.

In related news, Xiaomi has also stated that it is removing the need of registrations to purchase Mi Band in India.

Google releases Spotlight Stories app in Google Play

Once a Motorola application, Spotlight Stories, being a part of ATAP, remained with Google after Lenovo’s Motorola acquisition. Now, Google has released the app for all in Google Play, given you have a compatible device, which only seem to include Nexus devices at this point.

Google has stated that it is working to add support for more devices.

To remind you, Spotlight Stories basically allows you to experience short films created specifically for smartphones. These short films can be enjoyed in 360-degree view, meaning you can move the phone around to see the film from different camera angles.

“Immerse yourself in a world of storytelling made just for mobile. Engineers and critically-acclaimed filmmakers are bringing stories to life using the latest advances in mobile technology. Using 3D and 2D animation, 360° spherical cinema-quality video, full-sphere surround sound, and sensor fusion techniques, the screen is now a window into a story that unfolds all around you. Look anywhere, follow individual characters, watch it over again and again. It’s a little different each time. Google Spotlight Stories is your mobile movie theatre,” noted Google in the Play Store description of the app.

Four Stories are available in the app right now including ‘Help,’ which is the latest Story and was not available to Motorola users.

Microsoft’s Office Lens app lands in Google Play & OneDrive update brings Android Wear watchfaceOffice Lens for Android

Microsoft has announced that it has launched the stable version of Office Lens app in Google Play. It is basically a mobile scanner that enhances and makes pictures of whiteboards and docs readable and searchable.

“The handy scanner app recognizes the corners of a document, whiteboard, electronic screen or any rectangular media and automatically crops, straightens, enhances and cleans up the image, then enables saving to OneNote or OneDrive for easy retrieval from any device,” explained Microsoft in a blog post.

In other Microsoft news, the company has updated OneDrive for Android with an Android Wear watchface. According to the company, the OneDrive watchface will show a great photo from your albums from the last 30 days. The photos will be rotated through every month. [Android Wear Watchface from OneDrive

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