Android M to let users choose what apps can access on their devices: Report

Android LogoGoogle is reportedly planning to give Android users more control over what applications can access on their devices. According to a report in Bloomberg Business, the upcoming Android release ‘M’ will introduce a feature that will allow the users to pick and choose the app permissions, similar to what Xiaomi offers in MIUI.

Bloomberg reports that Android M will give detailed choices to the users over what app can read or write on their devices, like whether the app can access their contacts or photos or call-log. Given the surprisingly long lists of permissions asked by apps these days, this feature will be a welcome move from Google.

No specifics of this upcoming tool are known at this point, but as Android M is expected to be previewed at the Google I/O developer conference later this month, we won’t have to wait for long.

Apart from the so-called ‘permissions manager,’ Google is also expected to introduce “voice access” feature in Android M, which will let the users control their Android devices completely by voice, if they want.

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  1. It was surprising to see MIUI already offering it, when people are doubting on privacy issues with Chinese phones!

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