Adblock Plus unveils Android browser with built-in support for ad-blocking

Adblock PlusAdblock Plus, which is known for its ad-blocking extensions and apps for various browsers and platforms, has launched the beta version of its web browser for Android. Dubbed simple as Adblock Browser, it is a Firefox-based web browser, which comes integrated with ad-blocking tools.

The browser will be available later today via Google Play beta channel. To access the beta version, you will first have to join the Adblock Browser for Android Beta Google+ community, then accept the ‘become a tester’ option.

According to the Adblock Plus team, it was frustrated with ABP for Android getting thrown out of Google Play and wanted to build a solution that could allow them to block ads over secure connections and protect the privacy of their users. Thus, the Adblock Browser was born. Adblock Plus for Android still continues to be available via the company website, but the set-up experience is clunky and it often messes up with the data connectivity. Adblock Browser, on the other hand, won’t have any of these issues.

Adblock Plus team notes that they have big plans for the browser, but for now on they are sticking to Firefox for Android UI.

“Building our own browser gives us a lot more freedom to integrate ad-blocking as a first class feature that’s easy to understand and configure. For now, our goal is to build a solid mobile browser with great ad-blocking integrated. That’s also our goal during the beta: We will fix bugs and we will address usability issues, but we’re not planning to do major changes,” wrote the team in blog post.

If you don’t want to install another web browser on your Android device and already use Firefox for Android, you can install the Adblock Plus extension to get similar experience.

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