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As $25 Firefox OS phones fail, Mozilla shifts focus to quality & experience

Spice Fire OneIt didn’t take long for Mozilla to realise that that the first-time smartphone buyers will not embrace Firefox OS phones, just because they are cheap. The non-profit has now decided to focus on quality smartphones and better experience, reports CNET.

“We have not seen sufficient traction for a $25 phone, and we will not pursue all parts of the program. We will focus on efforts that provide a better user experience, rather than focusing on cost alone,” wrote Mozilla chief executive Chris Beard in an email to Firefox project members.

As per the email, Mozilla will now focus on an Ignite initiative, which is the future of non-profit’s mobile and connected device development.

“We will consolidate all of our development efforts (including previous v2 feature work, v3 platform work, IoT explorations, Lightsaber, and more) around a new core development initiative. Our intent is to focus our time and energy on fully unlocking our full product potential and mission alignment. We will build the ultimate phone experience for the hundreds of millions of people who love Firefox, who care about having a secure, trusted, independent alternative that is hackable, customizable and powerful as an open platform for innovation,” added Beard.

Beard also noted that they will offer Ignite builds for unlocked Android devices as a part of their new development model. So, if you were itching to give Firefox OS a spin on a capable device, you might be able to do it on your Android phone itself in the coming quarters.

Full text of Beard’s email is available at source.


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