Lenovo K80 smartphone packs 4GB of RAM & 4000 mAh battery; priced at $290

Lenovo K80In an attempt to take on Asus Zenfone 2 smartphone with 4GB of RAM, Lenovo has introduced the new K80 Android phone in China. The smartphone will go on sale in the country starting April 30 with a price-tag of 1799 yuan ($290).

The Lenovo K80 sports a 5.5-inch full HD display and includes 4GB of RAM, 4000 mAh battery and Android 5.0. It is powered by 64-bit Intel Atom quad-core processor and packs 4G LTE support, 13MP rear camera with OIS and 64GB of storage. All this in a just 8.5mm thick chassis.

According to the Lenovo, the phone will be released in Black, Silver, and Red colours.

The company will also be offering a 2GB RAM and 32GB storage version of the K80 at 1499 yuan. There is no word on the international availability of the phone at this point.


  1. Shall I wait for this to be launched as Lenovo doesn’t take much time in launching new devices here…

    Seems to be one up on ZenFone2 due to battery, otherwise, both phones are same !


    • Asus probably has a bit more respect and desirability amongst the geek community because they tend not to gadget spam (comparatively speaking),

      Lenovo is a fantastic brand, but at the same price and for same same specs, I’ll probably choose Asus right now because the Zenfone brand is so much sexier and has so much more prestige than Lenovo’s no name, bland products.

      The quality will still be there with Lenovo, but just a bit meh. Zenfones however are mouth-wateringly hot for technophiles although for mainstream people, it is still not half as desirable as a “Galaxy”!


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