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LG to launch G4 in April: Report

LG LogoLG is planning to unveil its flagship smartphone G4 in April 2015, according to a report in The Korea Times. The publication has learned from unnamed sources that the G3 successor will not be launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in March 2015 and can be expected in April.

The Korea Times is citing a source quoting that LG believes MWC 2015 might not be the best time to launch the G4 from the marketing perspective given Samsung’s plan to introduce the Galaxy S6 at the event, which would likely take some limelight away from the G4. The source also mentioned that since Samsung launches its flagship smartphone in the first quarter and Apple launches the new iPhone in the second quarter of the year, it will give LG some time in between to make a bigger marketing splash.

To remind you, LG G3 was announced on May 27 last year and was a step-up from Samsung flagship, which is another reason why LG is not in a hurry to launch their next flagship. According to The Korea Times, LG Electronics’ newly appointed president, Cho Juno will be talking about the company’s new business strategy for 2015 at MWC.

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