“iA Writer” text editor arrives for Android

iA Writer for AndroidPopular minimalist text editor iA Writer is now available for Android. Information Architects, which develops iA Writer, wrote in a blog post that they have been working on the Android version since the summer of 2014 and the first stable version of the app can now be grabbed from Google Play. The iA Writer costs $4.99 in the US, but you can grab it for as low as INR 70 in the Indian version of Play Store. You can expect similar localized pricing in other markets too.

iA Writer utilities the material design and sports a very simple and clean look, which is the USP of the app on other platforms too. It is meant for the users, who want a no-frills text editor on the go.

Here is quick look at iA Writer key features

  • Focus Mode to let you concentrate on the current sentence
  • Markdown to format your documents without taking your hands from the keyboard
  • Custom typeface optimized for writing
  • No formatting settings to fiddle with
  • No complicated interactions
  • Support for Dropbox sync
  • Uses .txt and .md files (but not .doc or .docx), in “UTF-8” encoding

iA Writer for AndroidPS: The iA Writer blog post on the launch of the Android version is a pretty good read for anyone planning to develop for Android, but is afraid to do so after reading the so-called “horror stories” of Android app development on the web.

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