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Google to bring paid search results to Google Play

Ads in Google PlayGoogle is planning to bring the familiar sponsored results from the web search to Play Store search.

According to the company, it will start testing the paid search results in the coming weeks. In addition to make money for Google, the paid results will also give the developers a great platform to promote their apps.

“App discovery plays a critical role in driving your continued success, and over the past year Google has provided best practices to enhance app discovery and engagement, as well as app promotion tools to get the most out of search and display advertising for developers. We are always looking for new ways to help you get your apps in front of potential new users. That’s why, in the next few weeks, we will begin piloting sponsored search results on Google Play, bringing our unique expertise in search ads to the store,” wrote Michael Siliski, Product Management Director at Google Play in a blog post.

Google has announced that the sponsored results will initially be visible to a limited set of consumers and include limited advertisers. The company will look into the adoption of the paid results and consider the feedback for the next few months, following which, it will decide whether paid results will have any future in Google Play.Ads in Google Play

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