Devs from 12 new countries can now sell paid apps in Google Play

Paid apps at Google PlayGoogle has added Wallet merchant account support for 12 new markets, allowing the app developers from these countries to sell paid apps or apps with in-app purchases in Google Play. The new countries are Bahrain, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Estonia, Honduras, Jamaica, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, and Panama.

This move will open a new mode of monetisation for the app developers in these markets, as they were stuck with just advertising for revenues until now.

The Android users in these countries already possess the capability of buy paid apps or download apps with in-app purchases from Google Play

With the latest round of expansion, Google Play support developer registrations from 152 markets and out of these, 74 countries support merchant accounts in Google Wallet.

You can find more details about setting-up a Google Wallet merchant account in Google support.

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