Lava to launch an online-only smartphone brand to take on Xiaomi

Lava Mobiles logoIf you can’t beat ’em, as the saying goes, join ’em. Same is true for the growing list of smartphone manufacturers like Lenovo, Micromax, Huawei and now Lava, which have or are in the process of launching online-only smartphone brands to sell phones like Xiaomi.

According to a report in ET Telecom, Lava International will soon introduce a sub-brand of its XOLO brand, which will only offer smartphones and tablets online. The specifics of this upcoming brand are unknown at the point, but ET Telecom notes that Lava will not partner with any of the existing e-retailers in the country to sell the devices of the upcoming online-only brand, but will launch its own e-commerce website.

Lava co-founder and director Vishal Sehgal told ET Telecom that the online-only brand is not an attempt to just sell smartphones at attractive prices, but to interact and be closer to the consumers.

“We don’t want to do e-commerce for discounting and reducing the price, rather reach out to people who want to interact with the brand digitally,” he said.

He added that the e-commerce website of the upcoming brand will not only sell phones but also provide remote servicing of the devices and other customer support functions.

It would be interesting to see if Lava and other manufacturers are able see the kind of success that Xiaomi has had with online-only sales model.

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