CyanogenMod 12 nightlies arrive for 31 devices

Android 5.0 LollipopCyanogenMod team has announced that they have released the first nightlies of the Android 5.0-based CM 12.0 release for select devices. These nightlies can now be grabbed from CM website or the CM Updater.

The team notes that they are 85 percent complete for the first M (stable) release of CyanogenMod 12 and we expect to see the it some time next month.

Here are some of the CM 11 features that havenโ€™t been implemented in CM 12 nightlies right now, but will be added in the coming weeks.

  • Theme Engine
  • Quick Settings reorganization and customization
  • Quick Settings Ribbon mode
  • Navigation bar reorganization and customization
  • Sound panel customization
  • Lock-screen quick unlock

The CM team also added that they are not only improving the existing features present in CM 11, but will also bring select new features to CM 12 like Ambient display, a brand new Messaging app, and some small tweaks including a weather option in the new Lollipop extended status bar.

List of devices getting CM 12 nightlies, refer to this link for the codename of your Android device and manual nightly download:

  1. bacon
  2. d802
  3. dlx
  4. e975
  5. e980
  6. evita
  7. falcon
  8. find5
  9. flo
  10. ghost
  11. hlte
  12. hltespr
  13. jewel
  14. jfltevzw
  15. klte
  16. m7
  17. m7spr
  18. m7vzw
  19. m8
  20. mako
  21. mondrianwifi
  22. moto_msm8960
  23. t6
  24. t6spr
  25. t6vzw
  26. serrano3gxx
  27. serranoltexx
  28. shamu
  29. v500
  30. ville
  31. vs985

Check out the CM blog post for more information about the nightlies and what you should or should not do with them.



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