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Android becomes first-ever smartphone OS to reach 1 billion shipments in one year

Android logoThe latest smartphone shipments numbers are in from Strategy Analytics’ Wireless Smartphone Strategies and they reveal a big milestone for Google. As per the report, Google’s Android OS was present on the over 1 billion of the total smartphone shipments in 2014.

There were a total of 1.3 billion smartphone shipments last year and 81 per cent of these were running on Android. The shipments grew 30 pc year-over-year from 1 billion in 2013.

“Android has become the first ever smartphone operating system to ship more than 1 billion units in a single year. Android accounted for a huge 81 percent share of all smartphones shipped globally in 2014, and Apple iOS remains its only serious threat for now,” wrote Strategy Analytics in a blog post.

According to the research firm, markets like China and Indonesia drove the smartphone shipments last year and will continue doing so in 2015.

Here is a look at the OS-wise shipment numbers from 2014:Android shipments in 2014


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