Xiaomi can import & sell Qualcomm-powered devices in India till Jan 8: Delhi HC

Xiaomi logoUpdate: Thanks to Delhi High Court ruling, Xiaomi has confirmed that it is ready to resume devices sale in India next week. The company will first be offering the Redmi 1S smartphone, which will be available as a part of a flash sale on December 23. Registrations for the same will begin shortly on Flipkart.

Xiaomi global VP Hugo Barra also stated that the company will soon start Redmi Note 4G sales as well in the country. Read on for more details about the HC ruling.

Earlier: Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi on Tuesday got a temporary reprieve from Delhi High Court, which has allowed it to import and sell Qualcomm-powered smartphones in the Indian market until January 9.

Delhi HC had earlier passed an ex-parte injunction against Xiaomi, banning the import and sales of its devices in the country for infringing eight of Ericsson’s patents.

The court today heard Xiaomi and passed a pro tem (for the time being) order in favour of the company, after it argued that Ericsson had suppressed the fact that it also uses US-based chipmaker Qualcomm chipsets in its devices, which has got a license for Ericsson’s patents. As a part of the pro tem order, HC has ordered Xiaomi to deposit INR 100 per Qualcomm-powered smartphone sale as royalty with the court. The court has also asked for sales details and invoices of Qualcomm-chipset purchases, as Xiaomi has contended that it doesn’t need to pay Ericsson royalty for Qualcomm-powered devices since the chipmaker already has a license to use the Ericsson’s patents.

With the latest Delhi High Court order, Xiaomi is expected to begin the sales of Redmi Note 4G in the country. It could also sell Redmi 1S phone, but it is unlikely. Both Note 4G and 1S include Qualcomm chipsets, the Redmi Note 3G smartphone however includes MediaTek chipset.

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